Hi, I'm Maya.

I make things sound better.

I do audio postproduction for film.

I'm a sound editor. I even out levels, clean up messy production tracks, sweeten dialogue, and support stories with sound and music. Here are a few credits.

I also teach commercial voice acting.

Want to be a voiceover talent? Check out the free archives from my Voiceover Gym Class. If you like my coaching style, I can produce your voiceover demo.

Sometimes I do theatre sound design.

And I'm always playing music.

You may have heard me sing and play keyboards in bands like SAFEWORD and Bainard Panic Defense. Right now, I'm writing songs for a Maya solo album.




Act Naturally

Act Naturally is a fish-out-of-water comedy about two sisters who suddenly inherit a nudist resort that their late father secretly owned. Amid the laughs, Act Naturally delivers a positive message about body acceptance, and I'm very proud to have been the sound editor for this indie film. Watch the trailer! You can rent or buy Act Naturally on VOD (video on demand) through iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube and even on your PlayStation.

Time Trek

I did the sound for the wacky and wonderful Star Trek parody known as TIME TREK, directed by the illustrious Paul McComas as part of his long-running, aptly named No-Budget Theatre series. The film is kitschy, cute, weird, and hilarious -- complete with a cardboard Enterprise, stop-motion special effects, and lots of Trekkie in-jokes. In addition to audio postproduction, I contributed vocals to such musical numbers as "Romulan Globule Creature" and "Death of a Klingon," and I also star as the voice of Visiting Captain Sharon Jennings! Check out the SoundTrek album on Bandcamp -- my collaboration with Paul and the late great Richard LaValliere. We're headed to New York City to screen the film (and perform selections from the SoundTrek) at the "Requiem for Richard LaValliere" event on July 12, 2014 at Otto's Shrunken Head Tiki Bar in New York City. RSVP on Facebook!
mix4pix: Maya Kuper, sound for film and stage


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